Tuesday, 12 April 2011

My Blackberry Moment

For the first time, less than 3 weeks ago I bought a smartphone, a blackberry.  Yesterday it froze.  And so did I.  The screen was a blank bright white.  Hit the red power button, restarted, got my husband to call me, and nothing.  Zip.  Panic rising.  This stuff is made so cheap these days, who makes this stuff, do I need to get a new phone...the carping and panic now rising to a crescendo.  I call customer service and fortunately get a human being within the first minute.  Their agent asks me to take out my battery and then put it back after 30 seconds.  Sometimes that helps reset the phone she says.  As I watch the clock with the seconds ticking by I wake up to the story that the tension inside my body is spinning.  Some version of "if my cell phone works my life will be okay!"  Ludicrous.  And yet so believable.  Isn't that how I live so much of my life, relying on fundamentally unreliable things?  I remember to breathe.

p.s. For those of you reading this blog I want to put in a plug for CREDO Mobile here, their customer service is outstanding!  And if you don't know who CREDO is they are the only progressive phone company in the U.S. So check them out if you're interested.